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Indiana is home to some world renowned universities, the single largest community college system in the country, and a system of independent colleges offering a great variety of learning opportunities. It is a rich "home" for those looking to pursue any number of college programs. This section will provide you with quick and useful summaries on all of Indiana's public and nonprofit independent colleges as well as their current costs. When you are ready for more information on a given school, you can link directly to that institution's website for greater details. (Keep in mind the "list price" of the college is NOT what most students will pay. Be sure to crunch your numbers in the College Costs Estimator section to get a much better idea of what college may actually cost your family at an Indiana college or university.). Want to learn more about the information in this section? Check out our YouTube tutorial for Explore Indiana Colleges. 

Steps to Finding the Right College Fit Video

This video covers tips on how to go about the college selection process and , hopefully, find a great fit the first time around.