Indiana College Costs Estimator

Institutional Aid from Colleges and Universities

Grants and Scholarships:

The availability and amount of need-based grants and merit-based scholarships will vary widely among colleges and universities. The criteria used in determining such awards will also vary from one institution to the next. It is very important you research what each college’s institutional aid requirements are once you have found some colleges that interest you. Click here to go to the Indiana College Costs Estimator to get an early estimate of your potential financial aid eligibility at Indiana colleges and universities. You can also visit the college profile section of this site for summary information on all of the Indiana public and private nonprofit institutions. Do your research – it can really pay off, literally!


Some colleges have additional loan dollars available for their students beyond what is available through the federal loan programs (outlined above). If you think you may be in need of additional loan dollars, check with the colleges you are considering to see what, if any, funds they may have available and compare the terms, interest rates, etc. of the college’s loan options to those of third-party lenders (such as banks and credit unions) to be sure you are getting the best deal possible.

Jobs/Work Aid:

Beyond Federal Work Study, some colleges offer co-op employment opportunities, internships and other job-related programs for students. Check to see what may be available at the colleges you are considering, as these opportunities can provide both additional funds to help cover tuition as well as valuable experience that can help with post-graduation employment.

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