Indiana College Costs Estimator

Learn Where the Money Is

Figuring out how to pay for college can seem overwhelming. There are many financial aid options, different places where aid can come from, and various rules governing who gets what which can leave even seasoned students and parents who have been through the process before more than a little confused. This section is designed to give you an introduction to the various types and sources of financial aid, as well as places to look for additional dollars and tax breaks. You also will find numerous links to other resources in each section which can provide even greater details on some of the information you see here, so that when you are ready to dig a little deeper, more help is at your fingertips. Want to learn more about the information in this section? Check out our YouTube tutorial for Learn Where the Money Is. 

Indiana Financial Aid Overview Video

Indiana’s Need-Based State Grant Program rewards on time college graduation, academic success and achieving higher levels of education. In this video, we will discuss Indiana’s Financial Aid Awards, what they are, how you apply, who is eligible and how you can continue to receive them for each year of college.  As you view this video, we encourage you to click pause on your media player to study the content and move at your own pace.