Indiana College Costs Estimator


You have come to the Indiana College Costs Estimator site to file an Estimator so you can be considered for one or more Blue River Community Foundation scholarships where financial need is one of the criteria. Even if you have completed an Estimator in the past, you must complete a new Estimator for the scholarship application. If you have any questions please call the National Center for College Costs at (877) 687-7291.

If you have questions about any of the Blue River Community Foundation scholarships, please contact the Foundation at (317) 392-7955.

To get the most accurate and current estimate of your financial aid eligibility, it is very important that you provide your most recent figures. If you submit the Estimator before filing your 2015 tax return(s) and your finances in 2015 are/were significantly different than 2014, accurate 2015 estimates are preferred. If your financial situation in 2015 is/was very similar to 2014 and you submit your Estimator before filing 2015 tax returns, please use your 2014 tax figures.

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