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Understand the Financial Aid Process

The financial aid process is often confusing for students and parents. Which forms need to be filed and when? How does the financial aid formula work? How do colleges use a student's information to award financial aid? This section will give a first look into this often complex system and hopefully answer many of your initial questions. By breaking down the process, students and parents hopefully can approach the financial aid system with less fear and more confidence (and hopefully in a way that maximizes their financial aid eligibility!). Want to learn more about the information in this section? Check out our YouTube tutorial for Understand the Financial Aid Process.

The Financial Aid Process Video

This video will cover the financial aid process. Now, keep in mind that the financial aid process is complicated and varies depending upon what college you go to, what state you live in, etc. However, in this video we will cover some basics that will give you a good foundation as you start to figure out how to pay for college—either for yourself or for a child or dependent.